Achieving Effective Identity and Access Governance


Identity and access management (IAM) tools and practices have evolved to become the first line of defense for ensuring enterprise security. However, even the most comprehensive IAM solutions become ineffective if users and administrators are not following established processes. Identity and access governance solutions orchestrate the policy-based controls that enable organizations to meet enterprise IT security and compliance initiatives. While most security-conscious organizations recognize identity and access governance as critical to their business performance, many are unclear about which specific practices and solutions will provide the greatest benefits to mitigating risks without impeding user productivity and IT experiences.

To assist organizations with identifying essential approaches and solutions for enabling identity and access governance, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has conducted primary research on current trends and outcomes from the adoption of identity and access governance practices. In this 30-minute webinar, EMA Research Director, Steve Brasen, will provide an overview of the key findings from this research and reveal actionable guidance on which approaches are most effective for enabling policy management, security controls, and compliance achievement.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Defining the scope of identity and access governance, including essential processes and automation tools
  • Identifying the most common identity and access governance requirements and challenges
  • Establishing and simplifying comprehensive identity and access auditing and review processes
  • Minimizing administration efforts and related costs while achieving identity and access governance goals
  • Achieving high confidence in the effectiveness of IAM resources for attaining security assurance and regulatory compliance
  • Enabling identity governance practices without disrupting business operations


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Steve Brasen
Research Director, EMA