Data Lakes for Business: Big Data 2018
On-Demand Webinar

Over the past decade, data experienced a renaissance. With new sources of information, avenues to daploy data and explore innovative uses of analytics as the fuel of disruptive business models, organizations have the opportunity to break free from traditional models. However, these opportunities come with the cost of finding ways to keep up with the demands of a data-driven culture. Leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) developed the Hybrid Data Ecosystem (HDE), a logical architecture framework for next-generation data environments such as data lakes, to guide organizations handling the challenges of information-oriented initiatives. 

Building on the success of the previous end-user big data research reports, EMA will extend its research beyond the initial operationalization stages of big data to explore the growth of HDEs and data lakes to support business functionality. The research will consider how to operationalize that functionality to meet the needs of business stakeholders and keep pace with competitors.

Join John L. Myers, managing research director of analytics at EMA, for a review of the fifth edition of the study. He will delve into key issues and explore emerging topics, as well as:

  • Look at the methods that organizations are using to speed time to implementation by applying metadata management, automation processes and data access service layers between platforms following the HDE architecture
  • Examine how users are implementing flexible schemas and applications to make data available to a wider number of data consumers and personas
  • Delve deeper into the world of the data lake and other implementation architectures designed to maximize the implementation of big data sources for workloads, such as operational analytics, exploration, and machine learning 



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John Myers, EMA

John Myers
Managing Research Director, EMA

John delivers comprehensive coverage of the business intelligence and data warehouse industry with a focus on database management, data integration, data visualization, and process management solutions.