Responsible User Empowerment: Enabling Privileged Access Management


Join Steve Brasen, research director at EMA, for an informative webinar that will reveal some of the key findings from new research on privileged access management (PAM). You will receive actionable guidance on the most effective PAM approaches to address today’s existing and emerging security challenges.

Topics of discussion include:

  • How frequently administrator and non-administrators require and use privileged access to personal devices and business service
  • The length of time users are typically granted privileged access to business systems
  • The greatest barriers to successfully enabling more effective privileged access
  • Key practices organizations currently employ to control privileged access to business systems and which are the most effective
  • How best to implement a PAM solution without reducing end-user productivity or increasing the complexity of IT administration
  • Achieve quantifiable cost savings, performance improvements, and security enhancements with a PAM implementation


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Steve Brasen

Steve Brasen
Research Director, EMA