EMA Radar: The Security Analytics Solutions Landscape

WEBINAR DATE/TIME: Friday, August 24
at 10 a.m. Pacific | 1 p.m. Eastern

For the past 20 years, the security information and event management (SIEM) market has been a staple for many security operations teams. However, in the last five to seven years, many security organizations have been increasingly dissatisfied with their abilities and performance, giving way to a new class of technology known as security analytics.

The companies offering security analytic products are differentiating solutions by using machine learning, deep learning, and other technologies, including those labelled as “AI.” Ultimately, these solutions are designed to bring better intelligence with enriched, context-driven, actionable events while simultaneously delivering fewer overall events

Join David Monahan, Managing Research Director of Security and Risk Management at EMA, to learn more about security analytics, including:

  • How and why this market emerged
  • The two major focal areas of network- and log-based security analytics
  • The three primary classes of anomaly detection in security analytics
  • The leading solutions in this space
  • How security analytic solutions are different than traditional SIEMs
  • Where SIEM really fits in this market


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David Monahan

David Monahan
Research Director, EMA