Accelerating Enhanced Threat Identification and Incident Investigation


Only 28 percent of organizations have alerting systems with enough context to provide highly accurate incident classification, thus requiring manual verification and reclassification of 95 percent of most organizations’ incidents. In addition, 48 percent of organizations had a security incident that caused moderate to severe business impact. Undoubtedly, delays in identifying threats and the lack of information that extends the length of incident investigations cause real business problems.

Join leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and Gigamon to get insights into “identifying advanced threats” and “enhancing incident investigations” use cases based on EMA’s new “Top 3 Decision-Makers’ Guide to Security Analytics” report. You will also discover how security teams can obtain greater context for decision-making to solve these real-world problems faster using Gigamon Insight.

You will also learn:

  • The methodology behind the report
  • What to watch for in selecting a security analytics solution
  • How to identify threats faster, thus reducing dwell time
  • How threat actors exploit Internet presence within the context of business and security management tools, issues, and practices
  • How access to a broad array of network data reduces the attack surface


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David Monahan

David Monahan
Managing Research Director, EMA

Stephen Hinck

Stephen Hinck
Product Manager, Gigamon Insight