Unlocking High-Fidelity Security


No one source can provide all of the data necessary for security monitoring. To be truly effective, organizations need better relevant data, and they need it faster. Early detection of infiltration and compromise are key to rapid and accurate response and recovery.

Based on new research from at leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), this research webinar will outline how organizations are finding threats faster, their largest drivers for integrations, and their greatest challenges in integrating the data.

Additionally, you will get research highlights from this new study, including insight into:

  • Why organizations using packet capture or DPI are 2.5x more likely to be able to identify all of their critical network connected assets
  • Why 51% of organizations surveyed are spending between 10% and 24% of their security budgets on security services
  • The top services that are being used and those being most investigated for purchase
  • The top drivers for engaging security services. (spoiler: neither lack of skills nor personnel was number 1!)


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David Monahan
Research Director, EMA