AI-Driven Networks: Leveling Up Network Management


Vendors are investing in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology in an effort to transform network engineering and operations. However, not every path to AI-driven networking is paved with gold. New research from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has found that only 36% of IT organizations that have applied AI/ML technology to network management have been completely successful with it thus far.

EMA’s new market research report, “AI-Driven Networks: Leveling Up Network Management,” is based on a survey of 250 North American IT decision-makers who have direct experience with the application of AI/ML and AIOps (AI for IT operations) technology to network management. Overall, 92% of them believe that AI-driven networking will lead to better business outcomes, but they told EMA that their organizations need to improve how they evaluate and implement this technology, and they need better solutions from their vendors. 

Register for this webinar featuring EMA Vice President of Research Shamus McGillicuddy to get highlights of this AI/ML and AIOps research. You will learn more about:

  • The use cases, the benefits, and the transformation opportunities of applying AI to network management
  • The business and technical pain points that network teams encounter with AI-driven networking solutions
  • How IT organizations successfully implement and use AI-driven networking technology


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EMA VP of Research Shamus McGillicuddy

Shamus McGillicuddy
VP of Research