AI Service Automation:
ITSM and ITOps Convergence


The verdict is clear: AI-powered automation universally improves the speed and effectiveness of IT service to the enterprise. What is becoming less clear is where the lines between ITSM and IT operations management are drawn when the one-two punch of AI/ML and automation blurs the boundaries between functional domains.

This research webinar will examine practical considerations and best practices since game-changing disciplines, like DevOps and SRE, require new levels of interaction and automation.

Join Valerie O’Connell, EMA Research Director, as she discusses her recent study of 400+ global IT professionals with findings such as:

  • IT is still largely seen as an enabler of the business, but for the 17% that see the two as equal, the benefits are clear: 35% are moving quickly in that direction
  • Part global crisis and part accelerated digital transformation, 51% of organizations made significant technical innovation and organizational changes in the past 2 years
  • How do organizations define an IT service, and what difference does it make?
  • AIOps: automation and AI solution must-haves
    Reasons organizations select or reject SaaS management solutions
  • On a scale of “at gunpoint” to “collaborative equals,” how do ITSM and ITOps interact?
  • The competitive implications of AI-enabled cross-functional automation and processes as practiced today and as planned for the near future


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Valerie O'Connell, Research Director, EMA

Valerie O'Connell
Research Director