AIOps, IT Analytics, and Business Performance: What’s Needed and What Works


Amidst an industry cloud of confusion about what “AIOps” is and what it can do, this webinar will delineate a clear path to victory for business and IT stakeholders seeking to use machine learning and AI to optimize the performance of critical business and IT services. Leveraging extensive EMA research and consulting, this webinar will explore what AIOps can and should be, and how next-generation performance analytics are evolving to promote far more effective business outcomes across an ever-changing IT landscape.

Join this renowned panel of speakers to get an informative look at this topic, including insights from Bernd Harzog (CEO at APM Experts) from his extensive career in analytics and AIOps, perspectives from Dennis Drogseth (VP at EMA) on AIOps, IT analytics, and business alignment, and an introduction from Marty Pejko (COO at Centerity) to Centerity’s new and unique architecture.

More specifically, you will learn more about:

  • The changing infrastructure, application, and business landscape in the digital era that next-gen management platforms need to address both in the present and in the near future (current EMA research shows IT spending approaching 40% for cloud services, while IoT requirements are dramatically on the rise).
  • Which data is becoming most critical for optimizing business performance through advanced analytics and why.
  • The critical importance of real-time, multi-layer topology and dependency insights that are current and accurate.
  • The roles, metrics, and process changes necessary for improved IT service delivery and true business service optimization.
  • Rules of the road for succeeding and well-tested reasons for failure.


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Dennis Drogseth

Bernd Harzog
CEO, APM Experts

Marty Pejko
COO, Centerity