AIOps Means Business: IT Innovation for Competitive Edge


IT technical talent, already in high demand, is now at a critical shortfall. The global Great Resignation magnifies the existing talent shortage, which in turn heightens the need for automation. Digital transformation initiatives in hyperdrive stumble when IT talent is hard to source and swamped with routine tasks. At the same time, businesses can’t tolerate operational delays and service disruptions.

Organizations are turning to artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) solutions in large numbers. These solutions enable automated processes that free valuable resources to pursue innovation, drive digital transformation, and slash service disruptions.

What exactly is AIOps? In this webinar Valerie O’Connell, EMA Research Director, and Leslie Minnix-Wolfe, ScienceLogic VP of Product Marketing, define AIOps in its current state and explore its potential to solve real-world business challenges. They will discuss the intersection of EMA AIOps field research and practical guidance from the proving ground of real-world experience.

This spirited, interactive session will dig into topics such as:

  • Which matters more, AI or IT automation?
  • AIOps’ impact on IT’s role and business relationship
    The AIOps use cases that give top results
  • Drivers, drawbacks, and delivered benefits
    Metrics that matter
  • Platform vs. best-of-breed – is it either/or?
  • What do AIOps and the Great Resignation have in common?


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Valerie Oconnell

Valerie O'Connell
Research Director

Leslie Minnix-Wolfe, ScienceLogic VP of Product Marketing

Leslie Minnix-Wolfe
VP of Product Marketing