Debunking the Myths Around API Security 


Enterprises are finally starting to pay attention to application security as theoretical threats to their application infrastructure become reality. For years, security vendors have discussed DevSecOps solutions and the benefits they bring to the mature enterprise, but forecasted attacks on APIs and infrastructure as code (IaC) have put application security in the spotlight. 

As a result, organizations of every size are investing in application security tools, and tools that address every market of every size will have a decisive advantage to exploit this emerging trend. Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) recently surveyed IT professionals, information security practitioners, and technology business leaders across all verticals to discover their attitudes and perspectives toward API security and the tools they are using/evaluating to protect their critical workloads. 

Join Christopher Steffen, Managing Research Director of Information Security at EMA, for an informative webinar that will shed light on the research findings and:

  • Measure how far enterprises have come in protecting APIs
  • Uncover the challenges they face in trying to secure APIs
  • Examine strategies that are in place and are being formulated to defend against these new types of threats


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Christopher Steffen
Managing Research Director