Automation, AI, and Analytics: Reinventing ITSM


70% of ITSM budgets increased by 10% or more in 2019 -- many of them by much more. What’s new are the ways automation, AI, and predictive analytics are redefining ITSM’s role in business innovation, services, and organizational reinvention. Although game-changing, these advances are not free of challenge. Technological complexity, functional understanding, budget prioritization, and organizational resistance all exert a drag on adoption.

Leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) conducted global research with 400 executives and ITSM shareholders to provide actionable understanding of the appetite, adoption, maturity, and near-term plans for these technologies and their transformational impact on ITSM.

The research findings in this webinar will benefit organizations of all sizes.  They can easily serve as mile-markers in relationship to industry leaders and averages across a range of topics including:

  • Current adoption patterns of automation, AI and analytics: buying process, ownership, best practices, and success rates/factors. 
  • Use cases: What use cases are most compelling now and in the near future? Who currently owns the budget, headcount, and processes – and how is that changing?
  • ESM: What role does ESM play in adoption for both automation and AI/analytics? How extensive is ESM deployment today and how does it impact the broader organization as well as ITSM?
  • Drivers and benefits achieved: Who and what forces are driving adoption and innovation? What are the obstacles and recommendations? Is there a difference between anticipated and actual results?


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Dennis Drogseth

Dennis Drogseth
VP of research


Valerie O'Connell
Research Director