Automation, AI, and the Rise of ServiceOps


ServiceOps (by any name) is underway in 78% of organizations with 1,000 or more employees. Of those organizations, 100% report positive impacts, with 67% clocking in at very positive or transformative. 
Fifty-four percent of CxOs see ServiceOps as a runway for automation, improved user experience, increased employee productivity, and reduction in time to find and fix problems – all while boosting operational efficiency and cutting costs. 

Yet the term means nothing special to 40% of IT practitioners.

Leading IT research firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) conducted in-depth research with a global panel of IT leaders to explore how the interaction of automation, AI, and the demands of digitally transforming enterprises combine to pave the way for ServiceOps – a technology-enabled approach to high-efficiency collaboration between IT service and ITOps.

Register for this webinar featuring EMA Research Director Valerie O’Connell as she reviews the research findings, including:

  • Why now? 60% of ServiceOps initiatives are less than two years old
  • The role of ServiceOps in improving the status of IT. Only 19% of organizations see IT as a strategic partner, equal to the business – how is that changing?
  • The modern take on cost-cutting
  • How 18% of organizations are able to decrease outage frequency and impact at a time when more than 40% see outage increases as inevitable
  • The ways ServiceOps directly addresses top IT challenges and objectives



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valerie oconnell

Valerie O’Connell
Research Director