Availability and Buying Options in the Emerging SASE Market


The term secure access service edge (SASE) is speeding up along the hype cycle, with more and more vendors from a variety of backgrounds jumping on the bandwagon. The nascent market for converged networking and security services is hastened along by the global pandemic and the rush to support users working from home rather than the office. SASE is gaining traction among a small but growing number of enterprises looking to reduce the complexity and improve the user experience of far-flung workers accessing resources in both the public cloud and private data centers, or private clouds.

As interest in SASE continues to grow and as IT practitioners see more value in such solutions, marketing campaigns around the term have ramped up. As both SD-WAN and security vendors take up the SASE drumbeat, it raises the question about what’s real and available today versus what’s on vendor roadmaps. Other questions swirl around how those claiming to offer SASE services are architecting their wares, how they are pricing these converged services, and what kind of support they are offering. In research conducted in late 2020, EMA sought to establish a baseline of what the SASE market looks like today and how it is likely to evolve as more vendors jump on the bandwagon.

Join Paula Musich, a research director in the IT security and risk management practice at EMA, for a webinar that will explore the results of this study. The webinar will highlight:

  • The need for converged networking and security services driving the SASE market
  • What the market looks like today
  • Where vendors leading the SASE charge are in fleshing out their services
  • What pricing and support models providers are putting in place


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Paula Musich, Research Director, EMA

Paula Musich
Research Director, EMA