The CMDB/CMS in the Digital Age: A Bedrock for IT Transformation

On-Demand Webinar

Leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) indicates that effective deployments of configuration management databases (CMDBs) or federated configuration management systems (CMSs) strongly correlate with success in digital and IT transformation. This fact may come as a surprise given the current industry hype to the contrary, but the reasons for having effective, dynamic and relevant service modeling systems could never be greater. 

Join Dennis Drogseth, vice president of research at EMA, and Bill Dyck, product manager of configuration management system at Micro Focus, for an informative webinar that will draw on extensive EMA research and consulting to show exactly why and how this is true. 

Join us to learn more about:

  • The critical value of CMDBs and discovery and dependency mapping (DDM) in support of optimizing private and public cloud resources, including cloud migration
  • How a CMS and DDM can pair in supporting transformational initiatives such as agile/DevOps, SecOps, IT financial optimization, and broader investments in advanced IT analytics
  • Insights from consulting and industry dialogs on current deployment experience
  • Recommendations for optimizing the CMDB/CMS and DDM more effectively—what to look for, and what to avoid
  • CMS and Micro Focus – how UCMDB and Universal Discovery can fulfill the enterprise need for CMS


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Dennis Drogseth, EMA

Dennis Drogseth
Vice President of Research, EMA

Bill Dyck

Bill Dyck
Product Manager of Configuration Management System, Micro Focus