CMDB in Cloud Times: Myths, Mistakes, and Mastery 


Despite claims that the rise of cloud cuts the relevance of CMDB, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) experience and field research consistently find the opposite to be true. In a recent EMA research study, 400 global IT leaders stated that CMDB use was central to major functions. For many of those respondents, CMDB use was viewed as increasing in importance for automation of complex processes.   

Where is the disconnect?  

EMA undertook a new research initiative to shine a light on CMDB practicalities today and recalibrate the conversation.    

Join EMA Research Director Valerie O’Connell as she discusses her research findings, including:

  • CMDB use is increasing for 64% of organizations
  • Hybrid organizations have the highest rate of CMDB use increase
  • 24% update the CMDB in real time. Is that the right frequency?
  • Why CMDB has an uneven reputation
  • Success rates, reasons, and returns 



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valerie oconnell

Valerie O’Connell
Research Director