Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)
Creating positive user experiences while boosting security effectiveness


Modern business success, by any measure, is reliant on digital engagements with consumer audiences to support sales, marketing, and data collection processes. However, services supporting consumer interactions must be secured to prevent their inappropriate use and to meet regulatory compliance requirements. Unfortunately, achieving security goals while delivering positive consumer experiences during digital engagements can be very difficult to achieve. In fact, 65% of organizations are not fully confident that the consumer personal data they collect—including contact information, credit card numbers, and personal preferences—will not be breached. In response, a number of consumer identity and access management (CIAM) processes and technologies have evolved to effectively govern the execution of processes for enabling consumer access to digital resources while ensuring security and compliance requirements are responsibly met.

To help organizations identify optimal solutions and best practices in support of CIAM objectives, leading IT research firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) conducted survey-based research of organizations actively employing CIAM solutions.

Join EMA Research Director, Steve Brasen, for an informative look at the key findings from this research as well as actionable guidance on how to optimize your organizations CIAM deployments.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • The types of adopted CIAM architectures and their effectiveness in supporting online hosted services
  • How to meet specific regulatory compliance initiatives with CIAM deployments
  • Identifying the primary challenges and security risks posed by CIAM implementations
  • Orchestrating effective processes for onboarding consumers and performing progressive profiling
  • Key methods for reducing time and efforts required for CIAM administration
  • How to improve consumer traffic to online services and increase sales conversion rates


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Steve Brasen, Research Director, EMA

Steve Brasen
Research Director