How Well do You Measure Up on the Cyber Hygiene Meter?

Best Practices to Avoid Ending up in Tomorrow’s Headlines


These days it seems as though every industry at some point in time is suffering from ransomware attacks and scrambling to prevent critical zero-day vulnerabilities from being exploited. Everyday it’s a new headline about the latest victim or vulnerability.

This new way of life has disrupted critical infrastructure, hospitals, classrooms, financial institutions, enterprise businesses, and even the security of nations. No industry is immune from security breaches. Latest reports show that every 20 seconds someone becomes the victim of a ransomware attack – and those without proper security measures in place are more likely to be one of these victims.

During this webinar Rick and Chris discuss some of the best and most essential practices needed to pave the way to victory in the cyberwar being waged right now:

  • Leveraging cyber risk management frameworks against ransomware
  • Implementing security controls designed to prevent all manner of breaches
  • Properly managing an asset inventory that spans across all network fabrics
    Keeping your configurations in check (hardware, software, patches, and policies)
  • Controlling vulnerability chaos via scanners mapped to inventory
  • Aggregating your security data to speed up the process of zero-day mitigation
  • Why continuous monitoring is a critical aspect of cybersecurity
We hope you will join us for insights into staying secure while meeting the challenges of today’s threat landscape.


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Chris Steffen, Research Director, EMA

Chris Steffen
Research Director

Rick Tracy, Chief Security Officer, Telos Corporation

Rick Tracy
Chief Security Officer
Telos Corporation