Data + Analytics: Turning the Corner on IT Chaos for Digital Transformation

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Duration: 60 minutes

IT operations, as well as IT in general, are often fragmented in the face of cloud, agile, and mobile, along with other pressures to adapt and perform as a true business. As a result, in most organizations, digital transformation remains more of a promise than a reality.  Fortunately, there are signs of progress—most notably a growing array of capabilities for cross-domain, advanced, predictive analytics for optimizing IT service delivery and minimizing disruptive incidents. Getting relevant data across multiple sources and silos to enable advanced IT analytics, however, often remains the number one challenge.

Join leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and StreamWeaver for an informative webinar that will explore:

    • Why digital transformation depends on IT transformation
    • The growth of advanced IT analytics 
    • The need for well-integrated data from across a wide variety of sources
    • The benefits when data and analytics do come together
    • Real-world examples taken from EMA research and StreamWeaver




Dennis Drogseth
Dennis Drogseth
Vice President of Research

Clay Roach
(formerly J9 Technologies)