IT Automation: A Vision for the Modern CIO


Based on new, global research from leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), this webinar will provide a uniquely comprehensive look at IT automation technologies in terms of what is deployed, what is most valuable, and what is lacking in today’s solutions. This research event will also provide distinctive insights into what promotes automation effectiveness, how automation technologies are becoming more unified, the impacts of an automation center of excellence, and a look at the handshake between automation, AIOps, and IT analytics.

Additionally, this webinar provide insights into automation priorities across four critical use cases: (1) incident, problem and availability management, (2) configuration, change and capacity management, (3) DevOps, and (4) application performance and workload optimization. Be prepared for some surprising revelations, as well, surrounding how IT organizations are seeking to unify their automation strategies leveraging technologies such as IT process automation, workflow, and workload automation.

More specifically you will discover:

  • Where IT organizations are today in adopting a wide range of automation technologies, and what is most critical for the future.
  • The chief obstacles to making automation work, in terms of use-case specifics, as well as broader strategies to unify automation across use cases.
  • How and why AIOps and IT analytics are beginning to drive automation more pervasively. Ninety percent of EMA respondents viewed AI/analytics with automation as a “high” or “extremely high” priority.
  • The factors most contributive to enabling an effective automation strategy, both by use case and for a unified approach across use cases—including technology choices, organizational dynamics, best practices and integrations.    


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Dennis Drogseth


Dan Twing
President and COO, EMA