IT Automation in a Multi-Cloud World

Tools, Teams, Culture, and
Best Practices for Automation Success


Some organizations use workload automation and other automation tools to great effectiveness, while the majority of their peers achieve more moderate results. EMA research shows that most organizations benefit from their use of automation tools, but some are super successful at more than just improved productivity and a reduction in errors. The most successful organizations create a culture of automation and get the most out of the tools they use. Processes are rethought and redesigned. Employees are empowered with better information and self-service capabilities that allow them to directly and positively impact business outcomes.

This global study explores the traits that set the successful organizations apart from the less successful ones. Many are centralized, with only a limited team defining jobs. Others have a core team to set naming standards and best practices, and help train broader teams of operations, developers, and even business users to monitor, launch, and define new jobs. Many organizations have created an Automation Center of Excellence (ACOE), but not all include the scheduling or other core IT operations functions in the purview of ACOE. The research also looks at the impact of corporate culture toward automation, the role of the automation team in broader IT operations and business process automation, and other characteristics of enterprises most effective at deploying automation.

Join Dan Twing, President and COO of EMA, for a webinar presentation that explores the results of this research, including:

  • How organizations organize the scheduling function and the teams that manage the workload automation software
  • The sources of budgets and authority, and the extent of evangelizing automation
  • The ongoing impact of increasing use of multi-cloud resources as more legacy production work is moved to cloud infrastructures
  • Insights into what sets the successful organizations apart


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President & COO, EMA