DevOps 2020: How Enterprise Strategy has Matured


While studies show that a narrow majority of enterprises have embraced agile techniques, most are far from having a mature or comprehensive DevOps solution in place. DevOps is heading in many directions at once, making it difficult for enterprises to know what defines a winning strategy.

Join Steve Hendrick, research director at leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), to get insights into where DevOps is headed. Based on recent research findings from the EMA Worldwide DevOps 2020 survey, this webinar will provide details on: 

  • Segmenting the DevOps market
  • Adoption of DevOps tools across 20 functional market segments
  • Projected growth and penetration across DevOps market segments
  • The highest growth areas in DevOps and why
  • A DevOps maturity model that will advise enterprises on tool category adoption
  • DevOps challenges and objectives relative to DevOps and Agile maturity


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Steve Hendrick
Research Director , EMA