The Evolution of Work: Enhancing Productivity and Collaboration through Digital Employee Experience (DEX)


This new Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) research presents a comprehensive examination of enterprise digital experience (DEX) and its impact on organizational dynamics, productivity, and collaboration. It adopts a dual perspective, analyzing insights from both IT managers implementing DEX solutions and employees utilizing them. EMA’s research explores various aspects of DEX implementation and its ramifications, including business and employee impacts, along with challenges faced during integration. Additionally, workforce productivity is evaluated in the context of current inhibitors, with emphasis on the significance of user experience and intelligent technologies. The role of DEX in driving collaboration, particularly through platforms like MS Teams, is explored, highlighting challenges, benefits, and user experiences. Challenges companies face in productivity and efficiency are dissected, including siloed IT systems and the impact of remote work environments. EMA’s research then identifies strategies for implementing an enterprise DEX solution, stressing the importance of coordination, change management, and augmenting DEX with unified endpoint management. The research concludes by envisioning the future state of DEX, considering its evolution with business needs, onsite versus remote work dynamics, and the growth of collaboration tools.

During this webinar Dan Twing, EMA President and COO and William Schoeppner, EMA Research Director, will discuss key findings as companies implement DEX solutions to drive employee performance and satisfaction. This webinar will cover the following areas:

  • Challenges with an integrated DEX solution
  • Benefits of implementing a DEX solution
  • The use of MS Teams to enhance collaboration and DEX
  • The siloed landscape of IT systems
  • Productivity and supporting a mix of onsite and remote work environments


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Dan Twing, President and COO, EMA

Dan Twing
President and COO

William Schoeppner, EMA Research Director, EMA

William Schoeppner
Research Director