Digital Transformation, Analytics, and the Modern C-Suite
Intelligent Resiliency in Changing Times


The global pandemic returned digital transformation to the spotlight. The lockdown put every digital business model to the test. Some organizations proved agile and resilient, but most were sent back to the drawing board to reconstruct their digital and analytic foundations.

In response, the modern C-Suite is now being tightly knit into one digital whole, connected by a web of data and analytics. While some organizations are setting up the office of the CDO or CAO to bring these disciplines together, every C-level executive is involved in the journey toward ubiquitous, insight-driven decision-making.

In this one-hour webinar, you can expect the following takeaways:

  • Learn what is driving the rapid shift from predictive to prescriptive analytics
  • Understand the priorities of digital transformation in the modern C-Suite
  • Gain insight into post-pandemic digital analytical shifts
  • Identify top strategies for improving data and digital literacy
  • Plan for the shift away from siloed analytics to ecosystem thinking

This webinar is for…

  • CEOs who want visibility into their entire ecosystem to set strategy and gain agility
  • CMOs focused on optimizing marketing effectiveness and increasing an ROI
  • CIOs focused on increasing the speed of innovation and agility
  • CROs focused on driving more revenue through both digital and personal interactions
  • CDOs focused on using data and analytics to transform their organizations
  • CFOs driving the valuation of the company for all stakeholders
  • IT and business executives looking to interact with the modern C-Suite


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John Santaferraro
Research Director