Eliminating Patching Agonies: Enhancing Security While Minimizing Business Impacts


Patching continues to be the leading challenge to enterprise IT operations for the majority of organizations. While 78% of organizations surveyed by EMA indicated that patch management is very important or critical to their IT operations, roughly 80% of IT systems contain unpatched software vulnerabilities. At the heart of this discrepancy is the fact that most organizations lack critical visibility and insights into the key information locked inside data they are already collecting. As a result, patches are not being rapidly deployed or responsibly managed, increasing security risks and business-impacting performance issues.

Join us for an informative and practical look at how organizations can successfully meet their security goals by adopting intelligence-based processes that go beyond basic automation to meet security requirements while minimizing the administrative burdens on IT operations teams.

Attendees will gain knowledge and actionable guidance on topics including:

  • Identifying the most common traps organizations fall into when developing patch processes
  • How to free up IT administrators from performing mundane patching tasks so they can focus on achieving more business-focused goals and reduce “burnout”
  • Best practices for identifying and remediating patch-related vulnerabilities
  • Ending the break/fix cycle of reactive patch firefighting by identifying the root cause of problems and introducing proactive management practices
  • Leveraging existing data to intelligently determine optimal patch management practices to reduce security risks
  • How to enable unified patch management that centrally addresses patch management challenges for all servers and workstations


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