Workload Automation with Intelligence


Automation is critical to modern IT operations. Workload automation (WLA) software is one of the critical tools required to run an effective IT operation. Large enterprises often have multiple WLA solutions, which make it difficult to create a holistic, end-to-end view of workload health and outcomes, and to see and resolve problems as they develop. Adding intelligence to automation solutions with machine learning data from a wide range of sources and disparate tools empowers automation to predict outcomes, identify problems as they develop, and provide prescriptive suggestions to resolve developing problems quickly.

Join Dan Twing, President and COO of Enterprise Management Associates, and Jennifer Chisik, Head of Product for Automic Automation Intelligence at Broadcom, as they discuss changes to the operating model for IT and benefits of automation intelligence.

Attend this informative webinar and learn:

  • Why organizations often have multiple WLA products in use
  • How to achieve a holistic view across systems, platforms, and products without migrating
  • The benefits of dynamic SLA management
  • How machine learning and predictive analytics can improve workload automation outcomes
  • Why you should share operations information with business stakeholders in their terms
  • The benefits of modeling changes to speed development and digital transformation


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jennifer chisik

Jennifer Chisik
Head of Product for Automic Automation Intelligence


Dan Twing
President and COO