Enterprise Network Automation for 2020 and Beyond


Network automation used to be about writing one-off single-use scripts to eliminate simple, repetitive network management tasks. Today, enterprises are pushing the envelope by using advanced analytics, off-the-shelf and internally-developed software, vendor APIs, and more to automate complex network management processes.

Enterprise Management Associates’ (EMA) new research report, “Enterprise Network Automation for 2020 and Beyond,” offers IT professionals a guide toward understanding the opportunities they have with network automation. EMA surveyed 250 IT professionals and conducted a half-dozen phone interviews to identify best practices and successful strategies for network automation solutions.

The research explored what enterprises can realistically expect from state-of-the-art network automation technology today. EMA identified several best practices for tool selection and implementation, network automation team formation, and more.

Join EMA Research Director Shamus McGillicuddy, for a webinar presentation that explores the results of this research, including:

  • Network automation solutions: The types of tools enterprises are using to automate their networks.
  • Use cases: The management processes enterprises are automating and the places in the network are they automating.
  • Challenges: Business and technical issues that challenge network automation projects
  • Training priorities: Network automation skills gaps that enterprises are addressing
  • Analytics: How enterprises apply advanced analytics to network automation
  • Source of truth: How enterprises ensure that automation tools understand the network


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Shamus McGillicuddy

Shamus McGillicuddy
Research Director, EMA