Fast Track AIOps Automation with
Prebuilt Databots


EMA research shows that AIOps returns very high value relative to cost but that those gains are not won easily or quickly. Data—access and accuracy—is both a critical success factor and a top challenge. The global shortage of data scientists in the face of heightened market demand only magnifies this issue.

Join EMA Research Director Valerie O’Connell, CloudFabrix Chief Product Officer Bhaskar Krishnamsetty and Senior Director Tejo Prayaga as they discuss the intersection of recent AIOps research with the capabilities of Robotic Data Automation (RDA).

Attend and learn more about:

  • Practical research findings on AIOps reach, rewards, challenges, and best practices
  • Field-level findings on state of the practice: adoption, drivers, platforms, and impact
  • RDA introduction and basics
  • How to automate DataOps, MLOps and data workflows with intelligent bots and low-code pipelines
  • Case review of RDA impact on AIOps implementation
  • RDA’s use beyond AIOPs across day-to-day IT workflows & IT Automation


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Valerie O'Connell, Research Director, EMA

Valerie O'Connell
Research Director

Tejo Prayaga, Senior Director, CloudFabrix

Tejo Prayaga
Senior Director

CloudFabrix Chief Product Officer Bhaskar Krishnamsetty

Bhaskar Krishnamsetty
Chief Product Officer