Drive More Value With High Performance
Cloud Data Warehousing


The cloud data warehouse market has exploded since its inception back in 2012. In the most recent EMA big data research, 87.4% of respondents indicated that they were adopting cloud implementation strategies. Existing offerings in the market provide simplicity, elasticity, and cost-effectiveness to attract new customers. The next wave of market entrants brings significant increases in performance, agility, and price-performance.

Join John Santaferraro, research director at leading IT analyst firm EMA, and Emma McGrattan, SVP of engineering at Actian, for this informative webinar where you will learn:

  • How performance gains translate into business value creation
  • Keys to total performance across loading, indexing and processing
  • How to overcome challenges of scaling query, complexity and concurrency
  • Secrets to hybrid data warehousing performance
  • How to increase user productivity with both price and performance


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John Santaferraro
Research Director, EMA


Emma McGrattan
SVP of Engineering, Actian