How to Merge the Data Lake and the Data Warehouse:
The Power of a Unified Analytics Warehouse

Tuesday, August 18
9 a.m. Pacific | 12 p.m. Eastern

Digital, mobile, and the Internet of Things (IoT) change the way modern companies operate. In the digital world semi-structured data is as important as transactional, structured data. Both need to be analyzed to create a competitive advantage. Unfortunately, neither the data lake nor the data warehouse are adequate to handle the analysis of both data types.

Driven by customer requirements, there is a push toward the innovative unified analytics warehouse (UAW), a merging of the data lake and data warehouse. It is unified because it adequately handles multi-structured data in a single platform. It is an analytics platform because the primary use case for both the data lake and the data warehouse has always been analytics. It is a warehouse because it stores multi-structured data in an organized and accessible manner.

Attend this informative webinar to learn about…

  • The inadequacies and shortcomings of both the data lake and data warehouse
  • The requirements for a combined data lake and data warehouse
  • The best ways to deploy a unified analytics warehouse
  • The power of a unified analytics warehouse in cloud and hybrid environments
  • The potential of unified analytics for IT and business


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John Santaferraro
Research Director

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Jeremiah Morrow
Senior Product Marketing Manager