Advancing Identity and Access Management to the Next Level with Contextual Awareness


There can be no doubt that business security risks are accelerating. Increased requirements for supporting diverse and remote user devices, coupled with the broad distribution of enterprise applications, data, and IT services across diverse on-premises and public cloud, server, and web hosting environments, are challenging even the most experienced IT and security managers to meet expanding requirement for compliance and security assurance. In particular, traditional methods for controlling access to sensitive business IT resources is no longer considered sustainable, and breach events are becoming more commonplace. Survey-based research conducted by EMA indicates that more than 60% of businesses experienced a severe security breach in just the last year, and 90% of the companies that were affected experienced serious business repercussions.

Fortunately, new techniques are being introduced that leverage contextual details collected at the time of each access event to dynamically adapt authentication processes and access policies based on the empirically determined level of risk posed by the activity. This exciting new approach is driving identity and access management (IAM) advancements, including adaptive authentication, risk-based access, and step-up multifactor authentication.

In this 30-minute webinar, EMA Research Director Steve Brasen will reveal key findings from recently published primary research identifying optimal approaches to utilizing contextually-aware IAM technologies and practices. Topics of discussions will include:

  • Emerging requirements and challenges to enabling secure access to enterprise apps and data
  • Methods for rapidly analyzing complex information on access events to determine levels of risk
  • Securing access to IT resources hosted on public clouds and websites
  • Reducing IAM efforts and related costs while improving end-user productivity
  • Determining which contextual elements are the most valuable to monitor and how to make the most of their use
  • Best practices for adapting authentication and access policies to match the level of potential risk


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Steve Brasen
Research Director, EMA