IT Service Modeling in the Age of Cloud and Containers


While configuration management databases (CMDBs) and configuration management systems (CMSs) are usually discussed separately from discovery and dependency mapping (DDM), this webinar explores them together to reveal a surprising array of synergies. It will also deliver brand new insights on how application performance management, DevOps, SecOps, asset and change management are leveraging IT service modeling with an eye on both the present and the future.

Based on extensive, global EMA research, the IT Service Modeling in the Age of Cloud and Containers webinar will also provide insights into geographical differences, role-related differences, and unique industry vertical perspectives on strategic objectives, purchasing priorities, benefits and obstacles relevant to making service modeling in all its dimensions a success.

Join Dennis Drogseth, vice president of research at EMA to get research highlights, including:

  • How AIOps and IT analytics, along with automation, are transforming service modeling deployments in terms of breadth of coverage, role-related support, success rates, and other factors

  • Why cloud migration is becoming a dominant use case, but often one that’s still poorly addressed

  • What are the administrative, organizational, process, and technology challenges inherent in CMDB/CMS and DDM deployments, when both are, on average, supporting five or more use cases

  • What you should look for when investing in service modeling, with a specific look at the winning features and functions


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Dennis Drogseth
VP of Research