Leveraging Streaming Data through Automation
On-Demand Webinar

Duration: 60 minutes

As the pace of business picks up, organizations are looking for ways to increase the speed of data and information. Real-time data from IoT enabled devices can provide critical operational insight to supply chain management and security. Online, real-time applications contain the customer order, purchase and payment information that marketing and finance teams require. In each of these cases, business stakeholders are looking to consume and analyze information as soon as it is available. Technologists are now pressed, more than ever, to harness, validate, configure and maintain these data pipelines to meet this challenge.

Organizations implementing analytical environments with automation practices and techniques have reaped the benefits of faster project delivery, less risk, and lower cost. Standardizing the configuration and implementation of data structures and the movement of data to those structures has proven to reduce new implementation timeframes. Now the opportunity to use automation to leverage streaming data promises to have a similar impact on the ability of marketing and operations to capitalize on its insight. In addition, IT departments will practically and quickly provide and manage the data pipelines needed to support it.

Join John L Myers, managing research director for data and analytics at leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), and Neil Barton, chief technology officer at WhereScape, for a discussion on how the combination of streaming data pipelines and automation practices for analytical environments provide value to both business stakeholders and corporate technologists.

Join us to learn about:

  • Drivers behind the growth of streaming usage scenarios
  • Challenges that streaming data presents
  • Value of automation techniques and technologies
  • Benefits of applying automation to streaming data pipelines
  • How WhereScape® automation with Streaming can fast-track streaming data use in your data landscape


John Myers
Managing Research Director

Neil Barton