Modern Requirements and Solutions for Privileged Access Management (PAM)


One out of every five business employees have been granted privileged access to company systems and applications. Unfortunately, individuals do not always follow security policies governing the use and protection of privileged accounts. As a result, 80% of organizations are affected by a privileged access policy violation each year, exposing the most sensitive business systems and data to misuse, damage, or piracy. Modern requirements for distributing IT services across clouds, on-premises servers, and endpoint devices are making it increasingly difficult for organizations to establish control over privileged access use and management practices.

Join Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Research Director, Steve Brasen, for a 30-minute webinar exploring emerging challenges and solutions for enable privileged access management (PAM). Revealed in the presentation will be key findings from EMA’s recently published primary research on “Advancing PAM to Address Modern Business Requirements.” Topics of discussions will include:

  • Current and emerging business requirements for and usage of privileged access
  • The most critical threats and challenges to securing privileged accounts
  • How to manage local administrator account on endpoint device, such as PCs and laptops
  • The risks of employing shared and/or standing privileged accounts and how to minimize or eliminate them
  • Solutions for reducing PAM administration efforts and related costs
  • How to identify the PAM practices and processes that are most effective at preventing privileged access breaches and policy violations

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the most important techniques for protecting your organizations most critical IT assets!


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Steve Brasen
Research Director