Navigating Modern Endpoint Management Complexities


According to research conducted by EMA, the primary challenge organizations face today with ensuring end-user productivity through the secure and reliable delivery of IT services is related to the sheer complexity of modern IT ecosystems. Application, data, and other IT resources are distributed across on-premises and multi-cloud environments in 85% of businesses. More than half of all business tasks are performed outside of a physical workplace and 45% of all workers regularly employ more than one type of device to perform job functions. Users are demanding increased service delivery, with IT resources expected to be accessible at any time, at any location, and on any device. On top of all this, IT managers are increasingly pressured to reduce operational costs and meet expanding business requirements for security and compliance.

Attend this webinar to learn how to reduce the complexity of meeting end-user computing requirements. Attendees will receive actionable guidance on how to navigate modern endpoint management challenges in order to simplify administration tasks, lower costs, improve end-user experiences, and meet organizational goals. Key topics of discussion will include:

  • Unifying management across disparate endpoint devices and hosted IT services
  • Increasing the efficiency of administrative efforts to achieve faster response and reduce costs
  • Eliminating point solutions sprawl and “swivel chair management”
  • Improving the reliability of IT services through automation and integration


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Steve Brasen
Research Director


Mike Puglia
Chief Customer Marketing Officer