Navigating the Complexity of Distributed Microservices across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud 


The rapid adoption of distributed microservices applications has placed a significant complexity burden on DevOps teams, platform engineers, SREs, and app developers. This complexity burden has dramatically increased the operational risk in terms of performance, resilience, security, compliance, and financial management. As a result, managing the complex interactions among microservices running on a combination of AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and other resources in the data center or at edge locations has emerged as a critical challenge for many organizations. Ensuring round-the-clock availability, protecting critical data, complying with regulatory standards, and optimizing financial operations in cloud management are now emerging as vital concerns in this contemporary cloud computing ecosystem.

This research webinar seeks to illuminate the critical issues involved in handling application- and infrastructure-complexity in ever-changing hybrid multi-cloud settings. Torsten Volk, Managing Research Director at EMA, and Jasper Paul, a Principal Product Manager at ManageEngine Site24x7, will explore:

  • The Anatomy of Complexity: Understand and escape the complexity trap of distributed cloud native applications.

  • Monitoring and Metrics: Examine approaches for effective monitoring of resource utilization and performance as key components of complexity management.

  • AIOps: Examine the capabilities of AIOps.

  • FinOps Strategies: Explore frameworks and best practices for efficiently managing your cloud's financial operations without compromising on performance, resilience, or security.

  • Case Studies: Gain insights from real-world instances where companies have successfully mitigated the complexities and risks associated with distributed microservices architectures.

  • Q&A Session: An interactive segment dedicated to addressing your specific questions and challenges in managing cloud complexity.

    Join us for this enlightening webinar to acquire pragmatic guidelines and actionable tactics for adeptly governing cloud complexity in the age of distributed microservices. Whether you're a DevOps engineer, a software developer, or an IT decision-maker, this session will arm you with the necessary expertise to navigate the complex landscape of modern cloud computing.


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Torsten Volk, Managing Research Director, EMA

Torsten Volk
Research Director


Jasper Paul, a Principal Product Manager at ManageEngine Site 24x7

Jasper Paul  
Principal Product Manager  
ManageEngine Site24x7