Navigating Today's Threat Landscape: Discussing Hype vs. Reality 


The threat landscape is always evolving with new and old threats competing to wreak havoc on your network.  Hybrid cloud infrastructure and applications must be available to your customers and employees in the modern world 24x7.  As new solutions and methodologies evolve to help the defenders, what is really needed, and what is the best approach? 

This webinar hosted by leading IT analyst research firm EMA and A10 Networks, will explore:

  • The top threats that pose a risk to your organization and how to mitigate them
  • The difference between buzz and hype in today’s security approaches, and how this can be used to help your organization
  • A discussion of Zero Trust, web application security, DDoS protection, encryption, and more for the hybrid cloud world 
No matter what your current level of cybersecurity knowledge is, this webinar will provide valuable insights into the latest trends and empower you with the best practices in cloud and web application security. 





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Chris Steffen

Christopher Steffen
VP of Research 


Paul Nicholson
Sr. Director of Product Marketing
A10 Networks