Building a Foundation for NetSecOps Partnerships with Network Automation


According to Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) research, 75% of enterprises have observed increased collaboration between network operations and security operations teams in recent years, but only 39% of organizations believe this collaboration is completely successful. EMA describes this increased convergence of networking and security as NetSecOps. These partnerships are critical to addressing waves of disruption brought on by hybrid, multi-cloud architectures, work-from-anywhere initiatives, and the Internet of Things.

NetSecOps collaboration is not easy to implement. These teams are not natural partners, and they often lack the tools and processes needed to make it happen. However, EMA research has determined that network automation technology is an essential enabler of this collaboration.

During this live webinar, leading IT research firm EMA, network consultancy NetCraftsmen, and network automation solution provider Blue Planet will discuss:

  • Why and how NetOps and SecOps teams need to work together
  • Why these partnerships often fail
  • How network automation can enable this collaboration, including the types of tools that can help and the use cases that are most essential
  • Real-world examples from the trenches about how these teams have come together successfully



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Shamus McGillicuddy
VP of Research

John Cavanaugh, CTO, NetCraftsmen

John Cavanaugh

Kelly Baig, Director of Market Strategy, Blue Planet

Kelly Baig
Director of Market Strategy
Blue Planet