Modernizing Network Engineering and Operations in the Era of Hybrid and Remote Work


Five years ago, working from home was a privilege. Today it’s a strategic imperative. It boosts productivity and employee satisfaction, but it also provides access to a larger pool of talent at a time when hiring is difficult. For all its benefits, remote work puts tremendous pressure on network infrastructure and operations teams, who must maximize network experience while maintaining security. Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) explores this issue in depth with its new market research report, “Modernizing Network Engineering and Operations in the Era of Hybrid and Remote Work,” based on a survey of 354 IT professionals. 

EMA’s research found that 94% of enterprises have observed a permanent increase in the number of their employees who work from home. At the same time, 39% of remote employees are hybrid workers, who split their time at home and the office, which makes supporting them even more complex. IT organizations must adjust network architecture and network operations tools and processes to support these digital nomads.

In this webinar, EMA Vice President of Research Shamus McGillicuddy will review the key findings of his new research on supporting the networking requirements of remote and hybrid workers, including exploring how:

  • IT organizations are modernizing secure remote access by replacing or supplementing legacy VPNs with new solutions that optimize security and user experience
  • Network operations teams are updating their tools and processes to support the network experience of remote employees
  • The unique work habits of hybrid workers are forcing organizations to evolve their on-premises networks, too


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Shamus McGillicuddy, Vice President of Research, Network Management, EMA

Shamus McGillicuddy
VP of Research