Network Management Megatrends 2018: Exploring NetSecOps Convergence, Network Automation, and the Cloud

As business and technology evolve, so do enterprise network management strategies. Since 2008, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has been tracking network management trends as part of its biennial Network Management Megatrends research. This ongoing study identifies emerging network tool requirements, network operations strategies, and organizational challenges. It also examines how certain macro-trends are affecting the network management team.

Based on a survey of 250 network management decision makers, the 2018 edition of the Megatrends research examines how the migration of applications to the public cloud is affecting the enterprise network. It also explores the emergence of network automating initiatives and the convergence of network operations teams with IT security teams. We also look at the continuing expansion of network management outsourcing.

Join Shamus McGillicuddy, senior analyst of network management at EMA, for a webinar that will explore the results of this research, including:

  • Decision drivers: The broad IT initiatives and network technology trends that drive network management decision-making
  • Network manage tool requirements: What features deliver the most value, what data sources enable network management processes
  • Network automation: How and why enterprises are expanding opportunities to automate network tasks
  • Network and security operations convergence: The nature of collaboration and integration between enterprise network operations teams and IT security groups
  • Network management tool fragmentation: An examination of why large toolsets for network monitoring and troubleshooting can doom a network operations team




Shamus McGillicuddy
Senior Analyst, EMA