Network Management Megatrends 2020


Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has been publishing the definitive benchmark study of enterprise network management practices since 2008. The biennial Network Management Megatrends research tracks how network engineering and operations tools and practices evolve in the face of major technology and business trends.

This webinar will highlight the most essential findings of EMA’s Network Management Megatrends 2020 report. Based on a survey of 350 IT professionals, this EMA research offers advice on how to build and manage corporate networks for a digital future.

Join EMA Vice President of Research Shamus McGillicuddy for a presentation that will reveal:

  • How and why network teams are collaborating more with their peers in the security team
  • How the Internet of Things impacts the network manager’s job
  • How SDN in the data center puts new demands on the network management toolset
  • Why cloud provider flow logs and streaming network telemetry are transforming network management
  • How enterprises are trying to end decades of network management tool sprawl


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Shamus McGillicuddy

Shamus McGillicuddy
VP of Research, Network Management EMA