Observability: Challenges, Priorities, Solutions, and the Role of OpenTelemetry


Observability has become the most important discipline for organizations moving from traditional enterprise software to decentralized cloud native applications. Dive into observability from the perspectives of app developers, platform engineers, SREs, and security engineers, and gain data-driven insights into their critical daily challenges. 

Join Torsten Volk, research director at EMA, as he unravels:

Real life challenges and solutions: Classifying over 10,000 real-life issues faced by developers, platform engineers, SREs, and security teams, Torsten will present solutions that can help address these challenges.

The observability cost trap: 10 critical factors leading to cost escalation, and how they can be addressed.

Observability for microservices: The six core challenges of observability in distributed microservices environments.

Observability Pipeline: The critical role of the observability data pipeline and nine principles for optimizing it. 

The Value of open source: The real-life value of open source observability technologies, such as OpenTelemetry, eBPF, FluentBit, and Prometheus.

Collaboration: The importance of collaboration between developers and operators.

Security: 10 observability related security challenges. 


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Torsten Volk, Managing Research Director, EMA

Torsten Volk
Managing Research Director