Optimizing Application Performance Through Real-time Change Awareness  


Although changes are the root causes behind most performance problems, many IT organizations still struggle with a haze of siloed tools and obsolete data in their efforts to integrate the change and performance in a timely manner. Most APM-centric monitoring capabilities, while capturing top-down insights into infrastructure and application interdependencies, fall far short of recognizing how the myriad of changes made across large, complex infrastructures might impact business service performance. In fact, EMA consulting data indicates that more than 60% of planned or intended changes are the cause of performance outages, and the number only escalates when unintended changes to the application infrastructure are included.

Drawing from extensive EMA research, consulting and IT interviews, this webinar will provide you with a timely look at how IT is changing and why it’s becoming increasingly imperative to find a way to blend change awareness with APM alerts. You will also learn more about:

  • Critical dimensions in cloud, digital transformation and DevOps trends that are impacting IT overall, and application performance in particular
  • What’s really going on in the digital war room as IT teams seek to resolve application performance issues with often fractured data sets
  • Why machine learning and advanced analytics are critical for blending real-time change awareness with application performance insights
  • How real-time change awareness can help to unify IT as a whole, for more effective application lifecycle management


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Dennis Drogseth

Dennis Drogseth, VP of Research, EMA

Sasha Gilenson

Sasha Gilenson, Founder and CEO, Evolven