Passwordless Authentication: Bridging the Gap Between High-Security and Low-Friction Identity Management

Date/Time: Tuesday, July 9
11 a.m. Pacific | 2 p.m. Eastern

Passwords are the weakest link in enterprise security management. Organizations overwhelmingly still rely on login/password processes as the primary method for user authentication, exposing their most sensitive data and IT services to exploitation by malicious attackers. Fortunately, a wave of technologies—including device authentication, software and hardware tokens, authentication keys, biometrics, behavioral analysis, certificates, and other approaches—have emerged to provide alternatives to traditional password-based login processes.

Join Steve Brasen, research director at leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), for an informative look at the reliability, security, and value of existing and emerging passwordless authentication solutions. Discover key findings from recent EMA research on the trends, requirements, challenges, and best practices for enabling identity and access processes that will enhance security profiles while boosting end user productivity.

Topics to be covered in the presentation include:

  • Identifying the most urgent problems that spawn from an overreliance on traditional password authentication practices
  • The types of passwordless authentication that provide the best security without compromising end-user access experiences
  • The most important factors you should consider before adopting a passwordless authentication solution
  • The role of technologies such as single sign-on and password vaulting for reducing user friction
  • How to minimize management efforts and related costs for maintaining, auditing, and securing identity and access processes
  • Quantifying the value achieved from passwordless authentication solutions in terms of improved workforce productivity and security assurance


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Steve Brasen
Research Director, EMA