Profiting from the Digital Shift: Time Series Databases as Value Creation Engines


In the digital world, leading organizations are already managing transactions in nanoseconds, engaging customers or employees in real-time, and delivering flawless services powered by networks of machines and sensors. Digital innovation moves at a pace difficult to understand. It has already gone through three very significant shifts, from applications to engagement to intelligence.

To make the most of these shifts, time series databases provide new capabilities to replace the inefficiencies of legacy systems. With a time series database, developers can deploy modern applications without limitations in time, geography, and scale. The possibilities are endless.

Join John Santaferraro, Research Director at leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), and Tim Hall, VP of Products at InfluxData to learn:

  • How time series databases eliminate barriers in time, geography, and scale
  • How developers can easily deploy modern, time-sensitive applications
  • How stakeholders can engage customers with responsive intelligence
  • How modern applications create value and competitive advantage


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John Santaferraro
Research Director


Tim Hall
VP of Products