Securing Cloud Assets: How Security Pros Grade Their Own Progress


The global pandemic acted as an accelerant to digital transformation initiatives, opening the floodgates for a rush of cloud migrations. Even before the fast shift to work-from-home engagement, IT security practitioners struggled for years to adapt to securing a large and quickly growing cache of enterprise assets moving to various cloud environments. The question is, how far have they progressed in addressing the unique requirements of cloud security? How much further do they have to go before they can confidently declare they’ve established a high level of protection for cloud assets?

In late 2020, EMA surveyed 211 IT and IT security respondents to gauge where they believe their IT security teams are in their efforts to put in place the proper controls to protect their organizations’ assets in the different types of cloud services. At a high level, the research revealed a significant degree of confidence in security teams’ visibility into their organizations’ cloud usage, their knowledge of the unique requirements of cloud security, and their understanding of the shared responsibility model. A deeper dive, however, revealed a disconnect between those high confidence levels, respondents’ own knowledge of the shared responsibility model, and their ratings of more detailed cloud security constructs.

Join Paula Musich, a research director in the IT security and risk management practice at EMA, for a webinar that will explore the results of this study. The webinar will highlight:

  • The disconnect between high confidence levels in cloud security practices and respondents’ own misunderstandings of the shared responsibility model, which is at the root of a growing number of cloud breaches
  • How IT security teams are approaching cloud security engagement
  • What threats to cloud usage are viewed as most pressing
  • How IT security practitioners rate their cloud providers on security and what they’d like to see from those providers


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Paula Musich, Research Director, EMA

Paula Musich
Research Director, EMA