Transform Your
Security Operations with
Security Automation and Orchestration


Security automation and orchestration (SOAR) is a part of everyday life in IT. It is the sophistication of that automation, however, that sets organizations apart. Automation is the act of removing humans from repetitive and often mundane tasks that absorb most of security analysts’ time, while orchestration is the stringing together of these individual tasks into workflows of the automations.

In new research conducted by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), enterprises deploying automations saw over 50% improvement in efficiency. Thirty percent of enterprises using in-house automations feel that they are limited by the inability to create more complex automations and orchestrations that they could achieve if they invested in SOAR technology. On average, those deploying SOAR revealed that 15% of their existing processes and procedures have operational gaps. The survey also uncovered that 43% of organizations tend to underestimate the amount of time it will take to implement their SOAR automations after purchase.

How can your organization take advantage of security automation and orchestration?

Join David Monahan, managing research director at EMA, to:

  • Get insights into EMA’s new research on security automation and orchestration
  • Get best practice advice on how to avoid common pitfalls
  • Discover how businesses have achieved significant levels of optimization in their SecOps teams—getting more done, faster—with the limited personnel they have


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David Monahan
Managing Research Director, EMA