Six Principles of Modern Change Data Capture: How to Build Fast, Agile, Reliable Data Pipelines


The shift to digital business models has increased the potential value of streaming data. The need for immediate, intelligent response to business events is paramount. Organizations that utilize modern change data capture technology to acquire, manipulate, transform, and augment streaming data will gain a competitive advantage over those using legacy platforms.

Older data ingestion technology originally built for on-premises, batch processing cannot keep up with the speed, agility, and reliability required for modern, real-time applications. Additionally, the move to SaaS applications and the cloud require new approaches to change data capture, data lake ingestion, and data warehouse management.

Join EMA research and Equalum for an informative webinar where you will get:

  • Practical insight into six foundational principles of streaming change data capture that guide your modernization journey
  • Understanding of how modern architectures combine streaming data augmentation and transformation to increase the value of every transaction
  • Real world examples of how speed, agility, and reliability translate into faster time to market, lower cost, and competitive advantage


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John Santaferraro
Research Director

Nir Livneh

Nir Livneh
Founder and CEO