Solving the Asset Management Challenge for Cybersecurity
(It’s About Time)


When you think of cybersecurity, you likely envision high-tech, Matrix-style imagery and things like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deception. But despite the amazing technologies available today in cyber, organizations still struggle with the most fundamental challenge that has been around for decades: understanding all the devices, users, and cloud services they’re responsible for, and whether those assets are secure.

In this webinar, Chris Steffen, Research Director at leading IT research firm EMA, and Nathan Burke, CMO at Axonius, will examine why solving asset management for cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important, and explain why something so fundamental has quickly risen to the top of CISOs priority lists.

Attendees will learn how getting the fundamentals right enables organizations to build predictable, scalable, and efficient security programs, as well as get insights into:

  • The Asset Management Mandate - why different security frameworks and regulations consider asset management foundational for cybersecurity
  • The Asset Management Challenge - why asset management is still a challenge in 2021, and why it’s becoming increasingly difficult and important
  • Asset-Related Cybersecurity Use Cases - how everything we do in security relies on an accurate knowledge of devices, users, cloud services, and the controls that are expected to be in place
We’ll conclude the event by outlining one approach to solving asset management for cybersecurity and providing you additional resources to get you started on the path.


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Christoper Steffen
Research Director, EMA

Nathan Burke

Nathan Burke
CMO, Axonius