The Threat from Within: Strategies to Defend Against a Growing Threat Vector


Most IT security practitioners will tell you that people – employees, contractors, temps, supply partners – are the weakest link in the IT security chain. These weak links have become a bigger risk to enterprises of all stripes over the last year or two, especially as IT security teams struggle to maintain some semblance of control with so many employees working from home.

As evidence mounts over a shift in the source of big, expensive data breaches toward insiders rather than external attackers, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) sought to gain a greater understanding of the scope of the problem, how organizations are responding to it, and what role the pandemic (with its resulting work-from-home requirement) played in the increase. In late 2021, EMA surveyed 155 IT security practitioners, IT professionals with responsibility for security, and executives in North America.

Watch this on-demand webinar featuring Paula Musich, a research director in the IT security and risk management practice at EMA, to get some of the results of this study.

The webinar highlights:

  • The level of concern organizations have about insider threats
  • Their experiences with insider incidents
  • How they are responding to the growing insider threat
  • How the pandemic has affected their insider threat protection efforts


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Paula Musich
Research Director